1. Are U Ready?

  2. Oh My Goodness
    Melodiq ft. R33 SoundMakin

  3. Doin This (Kes-a Remix)

  4. Take U There

  5. Never Quit

  6. 40 Pounds Of Soul Album Sampler

  7. Act Like You Know

  8. On and On

  9. Free Your Mind (2007)

  10. The Place To Be (2007)

  11. Give It Up ft. Hocus Pocus

  12. We Jazz Like That (2006)

  13. Soul Controller (2005)

  14. Back To The Essence (2005 Remix)

  15. Back To The Essence (2005)

  16. This Is What We Do (2005)

  17. Get Off The Wall

  18. Time To Get Down

  19. Scat (2004)

  20. Let The Musiq (2004)

  21. 40 Pounds Of Soul

  22. Extra Value

  23. Straight From The Soul

  24. Don't Worry About A Thing (Freddie Joachim Remix)

  25. Lay It On Me
    Melodiq featuring Erika Fecova

  26. Show and Prove (Original Mix)

  27. Come On Over (Mesmerized)

  28. Freedom
    Sinuz ft. Melodiq and Oliver Lowe

  29. Proceed (Sinuz RMX / Saxophone: M​.​Jaslovsky)

  30. SummerTime

  31. MELODIQ - Living Without You

  32. Summer Fun Pack

  33. What Happened (remix)
    Melodiq ft. Reach

  34. Where I'm From
    Reach ft. Melodiq

  35. Kohndo ft. Melodiq - Soul Inside
    Kohndo ft. Melodiq

  36. Thank You

  37. Raining Down On You

  38. The Horns

  39. Going ft. Nelace
    Civil Mics Movement

  40. Long OverDue

  41. Let's Rise

  42. Free Your Mind

  43. Never Enough

  44. Straight From The Soul Album Sampler

  45. Just Breathe
    FakeHunters ft. Melodiq and Just Brea

  46. Just Flow Free

  47. City Life
    Reeplay ft. Melodiq

  48. Just Wait And See
    Reeplay and Melodiq

  49. The Way
    Reeplay ft. Melodiq


  51. The Real Hip-Hop
    Melodiq ft. Shinobi

  52. No Doubt ft. Jass

  53. Give It Up (remix)
    Terem ft. Melodiq

  54. Relax
    Daz-Ini ft. Melodiq

  55. Relax Your Mind
    Pat D. ft. Melodiq

  56. Rhyme Station ft. Shinobi and DJ Greem
    Shinobi and DJ Greem

  57. Show Me Some Love
    FakeHunters ft. Melodiq

  58. Relax Your Mind (20Syl)

  59. Turn This Party Out

  60. Doin This
    Pat D. ft. Melodiq

  61. Keep On (remix)
    Pat D. ft. Melodiq

  62. This Is The Time
    Pat D. ft. Melodiq

  63. Relief
    Reeplay ft. Melodiq and Nelace

  64. ReeUnion
    Melodiq ft. Shinobi

  65. NY State Of Mind (original)

  66. 2005 Revisited

  67. The Real Hip-Hop ft. Shinobi

  68. Break It Down


MELODIQ Pittsburgh

Melodiq has been bringing flavourful Hip-Hop since 1994. Fusing Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz has been at the forefront of Melodiq's music, paving the way for Melodiq to bring his style to the Hip-Hop community. Melodiq has built up a solid, soulful and consistent repertoire of material collaborating with producers, musicians and emcees worldwide. ... more

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